Vibration Power Plate

Most people are not familiar with the many reasons that whole body vibration should be part of their health and wellness plans.

In the videos below two different doctors explain why you should include whole body vibration in your wellness plan.

The benefits range from increased bone density to reduced lower back pain.

These benefits are proven by university research. See the links below.


Our Whole Body Vibration Machine is Below

Vibration Power Plate

Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

In the video below Dr. Dan details the benefits of whole body vibration.


Why Does Vibration Help Back Pain?

In the video below Dr. Perry Cammisa explains more reasons for using whole body vibration.

 Whole Body Vibration Has Been Proven by Research

 Whole body vibration is proven to increase bone density and reduce lower back pain in women who have already gone through menopause. Read the scientific article that explains the details here.

The women in the study above who were in the whole body vibration group, had their bones get significantly stronger, but the women in the study who were in the other group who didn’t use whole body vibration had their bones get significantly weaker in just the six months of the study.

Whole Body Vibration Reduces Falls

 In this study, post menopausal women who both exercised AND used whole body vibration cut their chance for having a fall in half compared to the group who did not exercise.

Whole Body Vibration Increases Bone Density in Young People Too

If you think that whole body vibration is only for senior citizens, read this study that proves that whole body vibration also increases bone density in healthy young women.

Who Should Train on Our Whole Body Vibration Machine

1. Anyone who wants to get stronger bones.

2. Senior citizens who are at risk of falls and osteoporosis.

3. People who for some reason can’t do other exercise. For example, some people have injuries that limit their ability to exercise.

Whole body vibration uses up about the same amount of energy as brisk walking and is much easier for some people.

4. People who want more flexibility for a sport like yoga.

How Often Should I Do Whole Body Vibration?

You will receive many of the benefits of whole body vibration starting with a 10 minute per day, three days per week schedule.

But the study mentioned above that showed reduced back pain and increased bone density, used a 10 minutes per day, five days per week schedule.

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