Used CryoXcel Cryotherapy Chamber For Sale, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Are You Interested in Buying a Used Cryotherapy Unit? 

Save thousands of dollars on an american made – gently used –  CryoXcel (prounced “cryo excel”) cryotherapy chamber.

Guaranteed in 100% working order.

Located in the Middle of America – Wisconsin

 Our cryotherapy unit is located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. We are a two hour drive north of Chicago’s O’Hare airport, a one hour drive north of Milwaukee and a one hour drive south of Green Bay.

Photos of Our Used CryoXcel Cryotherapy Unit Below:

Used cryoxcel unit
Cryoxcel from angle
Cryoxcel made in USA
Close up of cryoxcel logo

Why Industry Leaders Use CryoXcell

Kyle Jones, the founder and president of iCRYO uses CroXcel.

Shipping Information

Our CryoXcel cryotherapy unit weighs 700 lbs.

Estimated crate weight 100 lbs.


Crating Fee $500.00


You pay the shipping cost to your location.


Price $30,000 USD

This will save you thousands compared to buying a new unit and your customers will never know.

Some Benefits of Cryotherapy are Described in the Video Below


Made in USA

Our Cryoxcel cryotherapy machine is made in the United States by CryoXcel LLC of Auburn, Alabama. 


If you have any questions about this unit, please contact us below.