IV Nutrient Services

Crista began her journey with alternative health solutions in 2013. She became a patient of a classically trained MD who had become disappointed with the options conventional medicine had available. Crista engaged in a nutrient replacement regimen managed by the doctor. Her transformation reignited interest in the human body and its ability to heal itself.

Now as a licensed nurse, Crista wants to help others look and feel their best. Vitamin supplementation and nutrient replacement is an essential key to success. Quality, concentration, and delivery play a big role in the body’s ability to absorb and utilize external supplementation. Oral consumption of capsules, pills, and liquids are subject to the “first pass” effect; liver and gut wall metabolize, resulting in lesser concentrations and effectiveness. IV hydration is a growing trend in the U.S. with many finding relief of temporary and some chronic conditions. Formulas geared toward anti-aging, the immune system, brain fog, chronic fatigue, athletic performance, headache relief and the occasional hangover will be featured at ReGenesys in Sheboygan. Crista will be providing pharmaceutical-grade IV nutrient services via physician oversight, no prescription is needed.

Crista also offers a variety of Vitamin shots such as Vitamin C, Glutathione, B12, Mineral blend and more!

If you are interested in booking a consultation with Crista, please reach out at 920-452-0205

You would also need to fill out the client intake form 48 hours before your appointment time. You can go Here to complete this process. 

Nurse Crista does offer evening hours and Saturday hours upon request.

List of Current IV’s being offered:

Brainstorm: Improve Cognitive Function: Information Processing, Learning, Memory.

Getup + Go: Burn Fat + Feel Energized + Boost Metabolism

Immunity: Boost Your Immune System + Feel Better Faster

Inner Beauty: Fight Acne, Wrinkles and Tired Skin from the Inside Out.

Reboot: (Hangover Support) Ease Headache, Nausea, and Dehydration.

Recovery + Performance: Decrease Recovery Time and Enhance Performance

Quench: Hydrate + Combat Fatigue

Lymes Support: Key Nutrients to Help Bolster Recovery

NAD+ Anti-Aging: NAD and NAD+ occur naturally in your body. NAD helps the liver break down fats, essential for energy production. Boosting NAD+ may help manage a broad spectrum of health challenges, ranging from diabetes to cancer. Some studies have illustrated improved mental clarity, alertness, concentration, and memory with the introduction of IV NAD+. Moreover, NAD+infustion may improve athletic endurance and reverse symptoms of chronic fatigue.

NAD+ Neurogenerative: Proactively protecting cells from oxidative damage and degeneration through NAD supplements studies have shown increased concentration, improved memory, mental clarity and improved sleep.