Hoist Mi7Smith Functional Training System

Hoist Mi7 functional trainer.

If you want to have a traditional weight training experience using weights instead of using our ARX machine, then you may enjoy training on our Hoist Mi7 Smith Functional Training System.

The Hoist Mi7 Smith system is a dual action system that lets your arms keep the correct angles of  motion during a bench press for example.

It’s not immediately obvious, but when you do a bench press with free weights, you aren’t exactly pushing the weight directly towards the sky, the weight travels a little bit forward and backward with each rep.

Two Planes of Motion

 A traditional Smith machine, locks your body into into a strict vertical only plane of motion that can be dangerous. The Hoist Mi7 Smith machine has two planes of motion allowing the weight to move both vertical and horizontally.

This significantly increases the safety compared to either free weights or traditional vertical only Smith machines.

Glass Smooth Motions

If you like training on quality equipment, then you will appreciate, the glass smooth motions of both the Smith Machine and the Functional Trainer.


Who Should Use Our Hoist Mi7 Smith Machine Functional Trainer?

1. Anyone who wants the highest possible quality of exercise equipment using traditional weights to generate the resistance.

2. People who like to record their reps and sets of exercise in notebooks or apps.

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