Fit 3D Body Scan

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If you are trying to improve your body, a basic scales can fool you. For example, if you exercise and lose fat, but at the same time you are gaining muscle strength and bone density, you might see the scale going up while in reality you are getting heathier with every workout.

A Fit 3D scanner lets you know for sure exactly how your body is changing (or isn’t changing) in response to your fitness plan. If you are seeing the results you want, keep on doing what you are doing. If you aren’t seeing the results you want, change something.

How the Fit 3D Scanner Works

The Fit 3D uses a high speed visible light camera to take many images of your body as the machine slowly rotates you on a turntable.

No Radiation

The Fit 3D is completely safe since there is NO radiation as there would be with a DEXA scan.

The Fit 3D calculates your percent fat, percent muscle and bone, basal metabolic rate as well as measuring your waist circumference, chest diameter and more.

Track Your Fitness from Any Fit 3D Anywhere

With the Fit 3D your data is stored in the cloud. We are located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, but if you ever visit New York City, or Australia, or Bali you could visit any fitness and wellness center that has a Fit 3D and get a comparison scan.

The video below explains how the fit 3D calculates your basal metabolic rate.


Who Should Use a Fit 3D Scanner?

1. Anyone who wants to check to see if their health plan is working or not.

2. People who need to be on very accurate diets for any reason. Remember the Fit 3D calculates your basal metabolic rate accurately.

3. Anyone who is just starting a fitness plan or wanting to make changes to their current fitness plan.

How Often Should I Do a Fit 3D Scan?

Every package that we sell, includes one free use of the Fit 3D scanner. That should be enough for many people, but please ask us if you feel that you want to do scans more often.

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