ATLA Water System

If you are thinking Kangen water is healthy you haven’t tried ATLA. ATLA It is alkalized, mineralized, and structured. Really life-altering water. Try it now.

We are offering $1 per gallon, bring your own jug. Just walk through the door and fill up! 

The Kangen device is a water ionizer that makes artificially alkaline water. These alkaline water ionizers utilize a process called electrolysis to split apart water molecules with electricity and artificially create a new type of alkaline water. Artificially alkaline water only neutralizes acidity where it has direct contact, like the stomach and small intestine. When consumed daily, the small intestine, in particular, becomes overly alkaline, and side effects begin. The artificially alkaline water produced by water ionizers is demineralized. The pH of artificially alkaline water doesn’t match its mineral content. On the other side, the pH of the naturally alkaline ATLA water perfectly matches with minerals in it, just like in nature.

Kangen Water does not hold its pH over time. It dissipates the moment it is bottled. Most of them will tell you it will not be alkaline after 48 hrs. ATLA creates naturally alkaline water that holds its pH up to two years.

Enagic-Kangen machines also waste a lot of water. They waste one gallon of “acidic” water for every gallon of alkaline water.

Most of the benefits of Kangen water come from the micro-clustering effect and the negative ORP the ionizer creates. However, you can’t have these without artificial pH and its negative side effects.

Kangen water is not always safe to drink. The instructions of Kangen water machines warn that you should not be taking any medications or supplements with the Kangen water. It’s not safe for kids or pregnant women to drink. That statement right there is a big red flag.

To sum this all up for you, the ATLA Water System produces naturally alkaline and mineralized water which has no side effects. ATLA is safe for everyone and you can take any medication with it because it’s natural. Also, ATLA doesn’t use electricity and doesn’t wastewater. Pure Goodness!

Purified by Nature

A mixture of naturally occurring compounds including active coconut carbon is used to absorb unwanted, unhealthy pollutants while maintaining the beneficial minerals.

Naturally Alkaline

AquaLiv creates alkaline water with minerals; the same way nature does. Not any old minerals. We use the miracle of magnesium, a mineral the body is often deficient in. How is your water Alkalized?

Energized by Nature

Water flowing down a mountain stream, flowing in and out of eddies and over rocks causes natural vortexes to occur. These vortexes cause the water molecules to arrange in a pattern that is exceptionally healthy for the body. Atla captures and recreates the vortex to produce structured, energized water (EZ Water) right in the comfort of your home.

Deliciously Natural

Water created through the Atla system tastes better, feels lighter and is utilized by the body faster and more efficiently than any other water you can drink in your home.

That is unless you have a mountain stream in your house.

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