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Lose 2.5 Times as Much Fat by Exercising on an ARX Machine

But there are more reasons than faster fat loss for you to train on an ARX. You will gain twice as much muscle, have three half times as large cardiovascular improvements and achieve ninety percent larger strength gains compared to traditional moderate intensity weight training. 

Oh, and you’ll also spend 70% less time making those gains training on an ARX machine.

Read the full Western Colorado University research article here.


What Does Dr. Doug McGuff Author of Body by Science Think?

Dr. McGuff is the author of Body by Science. It’s a very highly rated book about fitness on Amazon.  The video below shows him training on the ARX machine. You can watch his full interview about the ARX machine here.

What’s the Difference Between the ARX Machine and Traditional Weights?

1. Much safer than traditional weights. With either free weights or weight machines, the resistance is supplied by weights and gravity. After you lift a weight, nature is trying to push it back to the center of the earth. The potential for injury is large.

With an ARX machine the resistance is supplied by a computer controlled electric motor. There is no heavy weight that you could possibly drop and injure yourself with.


2. ARX machines are more effective at helping you achieve your fitness goals than free weights or machines.

A little known fact of muscle physiology is that everyone is roughly 50% stronger at lowering weights than they are at lifting them.  If you can lift 100 pounds, you can probably lower 150 lbs, but that’s impossible with regular weights since you can’t practicing lowering more weight than you can lift.

Since the resistance on an ARX machine is generated by an electric motor, not by a weight, your workouts will allow you to totally fatigue your muscles both lifting (concentric) and lowering (eccentric).

It’s like training with a magic barbell that pushes back at you with exactly the same force that you put into the barbell. If you exhaust yourself completely, it’s just a harmless light weight bar in your hands.

3. ARX machines are much more efficient than free weights or weight machines. A typical workout that would take 45 minutes or more in a traditional gym will take 15 minutes or less on an ARX machine.

And since the ARX machine measures your strength with every workout, you will be 100% sure that you are making progress from week to week.


Who Should Train on an ARX Machine?

1. Anyone who wants to get strong and healthy, but doesn’t have much time. Plan on an honest 15 minutes to be in and out of the door.

2. Athletes who want to get the most possible from their workouts. Your entire workout will be like doing a series of one rep max efforts both lifting and lowering. This is impossible with traditional weights or machines.

3. People who are recovering from injuries. Many people have injuries that make them weaker in one part of their range of motion. Since the ARX machine’s resistance is supplied by an electric motor, having a weak spot in your range of motion, won’t keep you from getting a good workout in other parts of your range of motion.

4. Young athletes. When young people are just starting a new sport, they have a greater chance of having an injury. The stronger these young athletes can become before starting their sport, or while they are still new to the sport, the lower the chance of having an injury while they are participating in that sport.

On an ARX machine young athletes can achieve the maximum possible muscle growth with the minimum possible risk of injury.

5. Senior citizens. As we age our muscles atrophy. Fortunately it’s possible to use resistance training to build muscle at any age. If you aren’t familiar with the research that proves that older adults can gain muscle and strength with resistance training, read this research paper that has been cited by over 1,100 other researchers.

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The ARX machine is made in the United States by ARX of Austin, Texas.