Do you suffer from back pain? Are you lacking strength in your core?

What if we told you 10 minutes is all it takes to begin building your core! Whether your a Senior, Athlete, golfer, have physical limitations, high school athlete or everyday people. This was designed for all walks of life.

Are you ready to improve your Core Strength? Don’t wait!

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The AllCore360 is a non-impact, gravity resisting machine that utilizes isometric contractions to engage your entire core musculature in a 360 degree resistance plane. The AllCore360 has been scientifically proven to improve your strength and power through resistance training for sport specific activities such as golf, tennis, basketball, baseball and volleyball just to mention a few!

Who is a good candidate?

  1. Riders – who want to train their core muscles for improved performance and recovery.
  2. Athletes – who want to improve their performance and reduce the risk of injury.
  3. Patients – who are looking for rehabilitation from an injury or surgery, or seniors who are looking to maintain their independence and mobility.
  4. Golfers looking to improve their golf swing.
  5. Athletic sports teams
  6. Everyday people looking to have a stronger core in 10 minutes 3 times a week. Ages 7 and up.

Chelsey (left) is in gymnastics and dance and Parker (right) is in Soccer, basketball. They will definitely have an advantage amongst their team mates.

Terry was our 1st rider!!! Sheboygnite through and through!!! He just had knee surgery 10 days prior. Check out his 10 minute ride 🙂 while Jeff trains the team!! We checked in with Terry and he his coming back for his 2nd ride! He really likes it and felt the difference in just one ride.

If you don’t have a Wellness Living account you will be prompted to set one up to book the appointment.