7 Day Movement Challenge Starts








Get Signed up by November 11th 3pm.

Here is What Is Included in The Movement Challenge

  • ARX session x 1 ($100) Time Allocated, training and setup 60 minutesThe first time you use this we have to set you up and train, should you decide to utilize the service again the setup will already be done, and your workout would be 15-30 minutes depending on what your working on that day.
  • AllCore360 x 2 Sessions ($70) Time Allocated 10 minutes
  • Power plate Session x 2 ($70) Time Allocated 15 minutes
  • Unlimited BioCharger (come in as many times as you like unscheduled) (priceless normally $25 per session) Time Allocated 10-30 minutes
  • RedLight Super Sauna X 2 ($70) Time Allocated 30 minutes

Let’s get that stagnant Qi (energy) moving and replace it with fresh, revitalizing Qi.

All this for $100!!! Valued at $310 One of our wellness assistants will reach out after you pay and schedule your ARX training.

We will reach out to setup the rest of the services to receive the best benefits.

Call Bri at 920-452-0205 to schedule what day/time you would like to start your ARX training. First come First Serve 🙂

Don’t let those 5 words take control of your life. “I Don’t Feel Like It” Hope to see you at the challenge!!!